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The meeting/fit testing will be scheduled for next week and we will give members an assigned time to report so that there is no gathering. The date is not confirmed, but will be shortly. Above approved members, failure to attend the meeting, will result in the inability to respond to calls. 


This is strictly for members safety. 


At this time, ride alongs and EMT students are not permitted to ride or come to headquarters. Only the EMTs above who are considered essential personnel will be permitted to respond until future notice. 


Further, the President Trump's directive is to limit gatherings and exposure. At this time President Dougherty and myself have decided to restrict access to the building for members that won't be responding and are not on the above approved list above. 


In addition, the line officers are rotating on 24 hours shifts, so there will always be an officer on duty. I am included in the rotation, but am also listening for calls and will be available as best as I can. 


For deconing the ambulance there are limited supplies in the bay, additional supplies are secured and you will have to contact myself for them.  


Crews are going to be limited to 3 members for general calls plus an officer.

Crews are going to be limited to 2 members for COVID-19 calls plus an officer. 

The officer is to make sure the crew is safe and deconing appropriately. The officer is to remain at a safe distance and respond to scene if man power allows. 


1 EMT is to enter the residence and assess the patient from at least 6 feet away for all calls and patients should be encouraged to walk out to the stretcher to limit exposure. If the rest of the crew is needed, then they may enter. THE DRIVER IS ALWAYS TO REMAIN IN THE DRIVERS COMPARTMENT UNLESS NEEDED. 


Please inform patients that COVID-19 is serious and the hospital may not be the best place for them if they are not critical. Patients shall not be refused transport, the decision is always up to them. 


On all calls, crews are to wear surgical masks for the duration of the call, until the stretcher is deconed at MMC. For COVID-19 confirmed/suspected calls, crews are to follow the policy SO2020-01 Version 3.


An updated policy is to come out shortly. 


If any member needs anything please reach out. If anyone has any questions or concerns  involved with this email or operations please reach out to myself direct. 


We will get through this, thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

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